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When a Loved One Needs Help with an Addiction

Every year, millions of families are affected by addiction. It has damaging effects not only for the person suffering but also for their family and friends. 

Your loved one can get their life back on track with the help of an addiction recovery program, regardless of the substance(s) of abuse at the moment. 

Finding the right help for your loved one can be difficult and confusing, but  with some planning, you can be prepared when your loved one is ready to accept help.

Contacting a drug and alcohol treatment center will put you in touch with an admissions counselor who can answer any questions you may have about the center, the admissions process, and the services they provide. 

By learning about the program, you can better educate and support your loved ones as they make their decision. Acknowledging there is a problem and help is needed is a major milestone in getting your loved one into drug rehab center

One of the first steps to getting help for your loved one is finding the right recovery program.

What is Addiction?

A “Substance Use Disorder (SUD)”  can also be referred to as an addiction. An addiction is a complex condition characterized by the uncontrollable use of a substance notwithstanding its negative effects. An addiction or SUD is distinguished by an obsession with consuming a substance, such as alcohol, cigarettes, or illicit drugs, to the point where the individual’s capacity to function in daily life is hindered. People continue to consume the substance despite knowing that it does or will cause issues. 

To help your family member with an addiction, it’s imperative to understand addiction and how it affects them. There may come a time when your loved one’s actions, thoughts, and sometimes even appearance are so different from who they were before they started using that it’s hard to recognize them.
People who used to be kind, loving, and trustworthy become angry, hurtful, and dishonest because they only care about themselves and how to get their next drink or fix.

Abusing drugs or alcohol affects a person mentally and physically. It’s not possible for them to just “get over it”. It’s also not healthy for them to quit cold turkey without professional help. 

If you or a loved one needs help with an addiction, call us today at 888.235.8353. Recovery saves lives and your loved ones life is worth saving.