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Aftercare & Alumni Program

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What Exactly is Aftercare?

Detoxification is an essential step in the recovery process. This is where patients wean themselves off of the various substances they may have ingested. Detox is particularly crucial in aiding recovery for opiate, benzodiazepine, and alcohol addiction.

The Alumni Program at The Well Recovery Center

Without medical intervention, the detoxification process can be excruciatingly painful, sometimes also leading to death cases in certain instances, particularly if the substance abused is benzodiazepines or alcohol, which can cause seizures that may be fatal. Opiate withdrawal, on the other hand, usually is not fatal. However, it is notorious for most likely being the most uncomfortable detox. Amphetamines and other stimulants generally are not deadly as well however they have their level of discomfort associated with the detox process. 

Patients can expect to experience different combinations of the following Flu-like symptoms, vomiting, muscle aches, bone aches, drowsiness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, Delirium tremens, hallucinations, and intense cravings during this process. Due to the many risks associated with detox, seeking medical help for the procedure is highly advisable. Here at The Well, we are well acquainted with the detox process and are proud to offer our clients a top-class medical detoxification process with 24-hour care.

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Here at The Well Recovery Center we offer expert medical detoxification in Orange County that is personalized to your needs in treatment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you quit abusing drugs & alcohol once and for all.

Recovery Happens at The Well

The Well Recovery Center works with most major insurance providers to help cover many of the costs associated with treatment at our drug & alcohol detox center in Orange County. We understand what it’s like to be caught in the chaos of addiction and have been in your shoes.

Contact our caring admissions team 24/7 to learn more about our detox program and how we can help you or a loved one begin the journey to long-term sustainable recovery today.

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